The Neagles Estate Story

Neagles Estate is a new, family owned wine marketing business based in South Australia’s beautiful Clare Valley.

Heading up the family business is Santo (Scaggs) Scaglione and his wife Deb.

The Neagles Estate wine business represents a continuation of the Scaglione’s business success story that includes luxury accommodation venue Neagles Retreat and The Clare Hotel.

Working together for 30 years in the hospitality industry has provided Deb and Scaggs with first hand insight into the needs, preferences and opportunities evident within the alcoholic beverage industry.

Clare Valley is famous for its fine wine production and particularly well known for premium quality Riesling. The Neagles Estate wine portfolio includes Clare Valley Riesling and other single vineyard varietals; however much excitement has been generated with a very different wine based product, created from Clare Valley fruit.

This new product takes the form of a delicious, ready to drink Sangria, perfect for people who are seeking alternatives to ciders and beers. Considerable consumer taste testing and feedback has resulted in a new refreshing taste for Summer!

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