Fresca Sangria

The New Taste of Summer 

Fresca comes from the word ‘refreshment’ in Spanish and delivers on its name with a flavour to delight drinkers seeking fun, taste and refreshment this summer.

Available in both pink (Rosa) and white (Blanco) variants, sparkling Fresca is 8% alcohol by volume and offers the convenience of 330ml bottles and 4 pack cartons.

True to Spanish tradition, Fresca has wine as its base and is infused with spices and white rum. For an added twist of refreshment, melon has been added to Fresca Blanco for a delicious finish.

Fresca brings the fun and refreshment of Sangria that has captured the imagination of alcoholic beverage consumers across the globe, to Australia in a convenient to drink and beautifully packaged bottle!

Fresca Sangria

Get ready for a refreshing change! Introducing Fresca Sangria to brighten up your “down time”, with sparkling flavours from beautiful Clare Valley fruit.

Fresca Blanco Sangria

Try our Fresca Sparkling White Sangria, a deliciously fruity taste with a hint of melon and lightly carbonated at 8% Alc/Vol. Salud!

Fresca Rosa Sangria

Try our Fresca Sparkling Pink Sangria, refreshing fruit flavours with a hint of spice, lightly carbonated
at 8% Alc/Vol. Salud!

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